NA LCS Summer 2017 Week 4

NA LCS Summer 2017 Week 4 Predictions
We have the first installment of the NALCS Prediction of the weekend. Each week I will be giving predictions and we will see how well I do towards the end of the split. I am starting a few weeks late but I will still give myself the (0-0) record that we are starting off. This week we are seeing a big shake up at the top of the table and hopefully, we see a lot more interesting games throughout the rest of the split. With that said let us get started with the match of the week and the first match of the weekend.

Friday, June 23, 2017, 6:00 PM EST
CLG vs IMT Prediction: IMT wins 2-1.
A fight between two of the hottest teams at the moment in the North American LCS, this Match will determine who will break away from the current three-way tie for 1st between these two teams alongside Team Dignitas (more on them later). This series is going to be interesting in every lane we look at but one of the key areas is the resurgence of both Top laners. Flame has been of the best players we have seen in this IMT squad and if he can continue his impressive play I think he can cause a lot of problems against Darshan who has been also an impressive force but has been inconsistent in the past.
Another big headline we see is the fact that the two junglers that were swapped at the beginning of the summer split. Both teams have shown amazing improvement and that is something that we very rarely see after a swap of players like this one. I do give the upper hand to the CLG bot lane but this may not be as easy for them with Cody Sun and Olleh also performing really well. I feel like this game can go either way but expecting a close series I will give it over to IMT but hopefully, we do see a full 3 game series.

FOX vs P1 Prediction: FOX wins 2-1.
With Phoenix 1 currently being the worst team in the NA LCS, I see this being a close series because even though they have yet to win a game I don’t believe that they are quite doomed yet. If you think about the fact this team ended 3rd last split. With that in mind, I feel that Echo Fox still has a good enough team to keep the slumping P1 winless. Expect this game to be bloody.

Saturday, June 24, 2017
TSM vs FLY Prediction: TSM wins 2-0.
Flyquest seems to have lost their winning touch that surprised the league. We have been seeing an improving TSM start to ramp up and I doubt there will be much debate about this one. Do hope that we have a nice match but don’t see this going any other way than TSM sweeping this series.

CLG vs NV Prediction: CLG wins 2-0.
NV has been fighting more than last season with a strong showing from Apollo and Lira but will this be able to stop one of the best teams at the moment? It will be interesting but I see this being difficult for NV to overcome if they do manage to win it will most likely be through one of the best junglers in NA being able to carry the game. I feel that the possibility of winning a game might be high but I doubt that they will be able to win the series.

C9 vs TL Prediction: C9 wins 2-0.
Not much can be said for Team Liquids sake with one of the best junglers we had a year ago in the North American scene to a lackluster Olaf running around trying to protect his headless chickens. With that in mind, TTL have acquired a new P1 Reject in Inori I feel like this might be the shake up the team needs. Don’t think they will be able to win two games against C9 who has been a bit inconsistent, to say the least. Will be interesting to see how hard Team Liquid attempt to stay afloat.

DIG vs IMT Prediction: IMT wins 2-1.
Another match of Titans! This weekend is really tough for IMT and I believe they will be able to withstand both tests. Flame should be able to keep Ssumday at bay and if he is able to accomplish that then at that point I believe IMT would be able to win. Both IMT games were some of the hardest to predict but it does seem that if something is 50/50 it will most likely be going the IMT way at the moment.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

TSM vs FOX Prediction: TSM wins 2-1.
I feel like every week we have been seeing some slip ups from TSM that I can’t give them the free 4-0 week. I believe that Echo Fox can be a team that causes some hard games and we will see one of these this week. Froggen has been given the title of best mid in the West by the Reddit community and maybe we can see some strong fights against these two teams,

TL vs P1 Prediction: P1 wins 2-1.
They did it! Well at least I kind of hope they do, with the slumping Ryu, Arrow, and Zig I think maybe this week will finally be able to accomplish a win in the summer split. It is kind of difficult to see P1 go back to their pre-Inori days. With that in mind part of me wishes to see Inori come in and destroy his old team with a couple of Rengar picks. I just feel that I can’t give TL the win just yet mainly because they have seemed like the last place team for two splits now. Hopefully, we see the Rookie of the Summer split MikeYeung maybe have some good games and maybe even be able to pull off his first Pro series win. With a lot of resources going towards the rookie Jungler, I do hope to see some new NA talent come up and be able to pull a team from the depths of 10th place ELO hell.

C9 vs DIG Prediction: DIG wins 2-1.
Due to the fact that C9 has been as inconsistent as Huhi in 2016 Worlds, I don’t see this being a clear cut game and if you would have asked me this same matchup last split I would say that C9 could have taken it. If Dignitas can step up and keep up the pressure to the other top teams. Dignitas has definitely been a strong showing and seeing Ssumday and Impact is going to be a great matchup and we will most likely see a slugfest and that can be a lot of unpredictability.

NV vs FLY Prediction: NV wins 2-0.
I think this was one of the hardest matches to predict due to the fact that these two teams are not the best in the league. But I do feel like NV can have more impact overall. Unsure what the absolute collapse of FLY is but if they can’t bounce back this week then I feel like we can call it an end for the summer split even though we are only a third of the way in. With how the other teams are looking I feel like the pressure is up and we are about to see one of the more competitive splits in NALCS this split.


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