NALCS Summer Week 5

NALCS Summer Split Week 5 Predictions

After having an interesting week 4 and a small shake up at the top of the table we have an even bigger week with some more matches within the top 4. Will this be the week that the standings are cemented before the break of Rift Rivals? The bottom teams are playing each other and this will be an interesting look on how the rest of the split will look like.

Series Record (6-3)

Friday, June 30, 2017

 C9 vs TSM Prediction: TSM wins 2-1.

This has been one of the bigger rivalries as of late in the NALCS and with another installment, this will be interesting to watch. TSM has been showing up huge throughout the last few series but I still feel that C9 could challenge this series especially after a strong showing last week against Counter Logic Gaming and Team Dignitas. Every lane will be important this game and will most likely be tough to determine who will unless we see some good plays from the junglers.

P1 vs NV Prediction: NV wins 2-1.

After P1 went 1-1 for the week I feel like they need to string up another 1-1 or even 2-0 to be in contention for a playoff spot. Sadly, I don’t think that will happen. The team does seem better with the addition of Mikeyeung but at times he hasn’t been stellar either. I think the rookie still has time to develop into some nice talent for the North American scene but one of his biggest tests will be facing off Lira and with the state of the meta being so important in the jungle I think NV should be able to take the series.

Saturday, July 1, 2017 

TSM vs IMT Prediction: IMT wins 2-1.

This might be my game of the week just because of what is at stake for these teams. If TSM pulls off the 2-0 week again two top four teams, then I feel like they will become the favorites to win as well. I do think IMT can continue their hot streak and really cement their summer split dominance with a win here. I feel like the way Xmithie played against two top teams will give him the confidence to do fine this series. This should be a close series where the only disadvantage I see IMT having is the mid lane match-up of Pobelter vs Bjergsen.

C9 vs CLG Prediction:  C9 wins 2-1.

CLG had a tough week against IMT and I feel like they might have more trouble playing against another team fighting for the top of the table. This will be a good series where we will be able to see some of the better bot lanes in the LCS play against each other. I feel like this game will depend on a lot on how CLG can protect its mid lane from getting out of hand. Jensen has been playing really well and he will be someone that constantly puts pressure on Huhi. Impact has been playing really well with the team as well so maybe we can have a huge reliance on how both top laners play as well.

DIG vs FLY Prediction:  DIG wins 2-0.

One of the easier matches to predict. I feel like as the weeks go on Flyquest look more and more like a 10th place team that has no chance at being able to beat any of the top teams. Even though DIG had a 0-2 week I feel like they should be able to bounce back with ease and beat a slumping FLY. Unless FLY finds what made the team so dominating at the beginning of the spring split I just see this being a sad game to watch for anyone looking for a close game.

FOX vs TL Prediction: TL wins 2-1.

Team Liquid surprised me with the 1-1 week. I feel like they have another chance at a win this week when they face off against Echo Fox who hasn’t looked too hot. FOX losing to P1 and giving them their first win of the split and just being demoralized by TSM and nearly being perfect gamed might seem like will force a close series against a TL that looks a bit better and might be able to improve more as the split goes on.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

 P1 vs IMT Prediction: IMT wins 2-0.

Maybe I lied before when I said FLY vs DIG was the easiest game to predict. The only way P1 will win in this game is by learning from the sweep they will receive against IMT. P1 doesn’t seem like will be reborn at any point this split and if the 0-2 week comes through that will be the last nail in the coffin for their split. Rift Rivals will be depressing to watch as someone from NA when we are sending P1 and not IMT. With that said, IMT should have a good series followed by some rest to continue a strong team.

FLY vs FOX Prediction: FOX wins 2-1.

Echo Fox should be able to pick up a win this series. FLY could also be able to fight but with the way they have been looking like is a bit sad. They are no longer the fun team with interesting picks. They are just that team that can no longer perform. I do wish this is a close series but I won’t be surprised if it isn’t.

NV vs DIG Prediction: DIG wins 2-0.

I feel like NV can have a good game and maybe take on off from DIG but if DIG played at the high level they have been this shouldn’t be too difficult. This week is really important to see if DIG is able to withstand some tough losses. If they are able to pull through this week then I believe this team should be playoff bound without a worry.

TL vs CLG Prediction: CLG wins 2-0.

CLG should be able to show their strong game presence against a bottom tier team. I feel like CLG has a win condition from every lane this match and it really shouldn’t be a problem to pull off the sweep against TL. Even though they did struggle last week against IMT this should be a different story and they should be able to secure their spot as a Playoff team if they are able to take this game without any doubts.





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